Environmental Protection

Environmental protection using GBT's technology

Protection of natural resources, such as soil, water and air, rightly dominate present-day industrial thoughts and actions. GBT supplies the necessary protection to make even problematic processes as safe as possible – for example in the chemical industry, in power stations, refuse incineration or cement manufacture – for the environment and in order to retain the plant's value. While also taking into consideration ecological requirements and the operator's economic interests. 

GBT lining and coating systems make plants safer and make a significant contribution to fulfilling the relevant conditions of the German water resources management act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz WHG) and regulations concerning installations handling substances hazardous to water (VAwS).

Coatings, rubber linings, and other types of lining from GBT, provide environmental and process safety including in the following areas of use:

  • Exhaust air and flue gas cleaning
  • Chimneys and flues
  • Storage and process tanks
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Collection tanks and surfaces
  • Corrosion etching (pickling)
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